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Turnkey Solutions

ADI Main emphasis was and still on turnkey projects since the early days of the company, with over a decade of effort on design and construction of medical imaging sites, we have become a landmark of expertise in this very field.

Realizing the needs and requirements of hospitals and medical institutions across the country to proficiently provide and build these indispensable departments that every medical entity requires. Our highly qualified staff underwent massive training, acquired accurate technical skills and fastidious performance in designing, building and finalizing comprehensive solution for major medical projects, These services are characterized by the provision of:

  • Medical Equipment / Hospital Furniture as per project requirement which covers all the Departments
  • Emergency Room (Stretchers, Treatment Lights, Suction Machine, Bed Hed Units, Diagnostic Sets, X- Ray viewers etc.)
  • Operating Theater (OT Table, OT Lights, Pendants, Suction Machine, Infuion Pumps, Syringe Pumps, Blood / fluid Warmer, Patient Warmer, OT Stool, Mayo Table etc.)
  • Consultation Room (Examination Table, Diagnostic Sets, Doctor / Patient Stool, X - Ray Viewers etc.)
  • Patient Room (Patient Bed, Bed Head Units, Over Bed Table, Bed Side Cabinets etc.)
  • Procedure / Treatment Room (Procedure stretcher, Treatment light, Bed Head Units, Procedure Table, Doctor stool etc.)
  • Dental Room (Dental Unit, Dental Cabinet, Compressor, Suction, Intra Oral Camera, Panoramic X Ray, Dental X - Ray, Curing Light, Ultrasonic Scalar, Amalgam mixer, Doctor Stool, Assistant Stool, Hand Pieces etc.)
  • Laboratory (Phlebotomy Chair, Phlebotomy Trolley, Analyzers, Refrigerators, Freezers, Shakers, Centrifuges, Microscope, Lab Furniture, Fume Hoods, Washers, Water purification system, Biological Safety Cabinets, Autoclave etc.
  • ENT Room (ENT Treatment Unit with diagnostic & treatment devices)
  • Ophthalmology Room (Ophthalmology Unit with diagnostic & treatment devices)
  • Gynecology / Pediatric Ward with all required Equipments & Furniture
  • Audiology Room (Audiometric booth with diagnostic & treatment devices)
  • Endoscopy Procedures Room with all required Equipments & Furniture
  • All other rooms 1 departments as per project requirement.